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High tech forging components constitute our core business. As consultants, we develop holistic concepts and methods for you in this field and assist you with their implementation if desired.

>> Temporary management and project execution

As your temporary manager, we undertake the concept preparation and development of high tech forging components as a primary material for the aviation branch. Located externally, we are able to view our customers' business in a more differentiated manner and thus generate the ideal input for your company. In addition, we offer associated assistance with implementation via professional project management methods.

>> Specialised forging technology consultancy service

In order to optimally implement developments of forging components, we provide consulting assistance for crucial issues. For example, we clarify the technical conformity of your idea, the possibilities of design adaptations and how the weight of certain forging components can be optimised.

>> Concept preparation for positioning

on the European aviation market

Based on comprehensive market and inventory analyses, we develop a detailed concept. Strategically valuable contacts are established with essential interlocutors in order to lay the cornerstone for a functioning network.

>> Planning and execution of sales activities

In some cases we undertake sales tasks relating to the manufacture, processing and evaluation of forging components in the short- to medium-term. We assist companies which focus on reinforced representation of sales activities and product management within Europe in this field.


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